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Philippine Scholars' Alliance

Filipino scholars united with passion

Philippine Scholars' Alliance (PSA) aims to build a network and unite the Filipino
scholars all over the archipelago and beyond

Ignited in One Passion Committed to Greater Action

Philippine Scholars' Alliance will help you to

connect with other scholars all over the country

be part of a network of talented & skilled individuals

become an enabler in your school and community

become an agent of change in the Philippines and globally

We are PSS

Philippine Scholars' Summit (PSS) is a nationwide summit aiming to inspire a congregation of scholars as a unified body, to commit themselves to be the catalysts of positive change to the country by creating a natonal organization of all the scholars in the Philippines and by promoting the establishment of local scholar organization in every college and university.
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Philippine Scholars' Summit PSS

The annual gathering of Filipino scholars all over the Philippines


5th Philippine Scholars' Summit
University Santo Tomas
December 1 to 3, 2016

Rekindle the fire of your burning passion.
Replenish your desire to fulfill your mission.
Radiate the light of your blazing aspiration.



4th Philippine Scholars' Summit
Ateneo de Manila University
November 13 to 15, 2015

Becarios De Santo Tomas, in partnership with Ateneo Gabay, Health Assembly of Lasallian Scholars, Aspirants and Achievers’ Association, Bright Leaders Association for Zeal and Excellence, Lasallian Scholars Society, Scholars and Grantees of the Assumption, Talitha Cumi, and Bedan Scholars' Guild spearheaded the 4th Philippine Scholars’ Summit with the theme “BIGKIS - Filipino Scholars: Rooted in Identity, United by Excellence, Committed to Service”. The event was attended by over 100 delegates from all over the country last November 13-15 at the Ateneo de Manila University.


3rd Philippine Scholars' Summit

3rd Philippine Scholars' Summit
University Santo Tomas
December 13 to 14, 2014


2nd Philippine Scholars' Summit

2nd Philippine Scholars' Summit
University Santo Tomas
Oct. 24-26, 2013


1st Philippine Scholars' Summit

Philippine Scholars' Summit
University Santo Tomas
July 12-14, 2012